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Why is Cassia in the work camp? Why does Xander come to see her? What does Xander help her do?

Heath Ferro is the girl-hungry roommate of Brandon Buchanan. Heath is given the nickname "The Pony" because so many girls have had sex with him. Heath is instantly attracted to Jenny, and he makes moves on her, but is rejected. During the Black Saturday lacrosse game, he is the subject of one of Jenny's cheers, which announces to the world that Heath is not sexually gifted. Heath later throws a party at his house, during which time Easy and Jenny admit their feelings for one another.

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Cassia is in the work camp because it is closer to the Outer Provinces and she is hoping that they will present her with an opportunity to go to the Outer Provinces and find Ky. Xander comes to see her because he is still her Match and it is time for their first face to face meeting. Although Xander and Cassia knew one another before their Match, Xander has convinced the Officials that they should still be allowed to meet. Xander helps Cassia make a trade with an Archivist in the hopes that she can get information that will help her find Ky. Afterward, however, Xander makes it clear that he is unhappy that Cassia left him to find Ky.
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