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What is the Rising? Why do Cassia and Indie want to join the Rising?

Eric Dalton is the twenty-three year old teacher and Disciplinary Committee Adviser who begins an affair with one of his students, Brett. He is extremely wealthy, and owns a boat which he sails to Waverly. He has a reputation for womanizing, which Brett is unaware of.

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The Rising is a rebellious group that exists throughout the Society with camps in the Outer Provinces. Cassia learns about the Rising after trading Ky’s compass for information on the Outer Provinces. Cassia is excited by this idea because she finally realizes that she and Ky are not the only ones who do not completely agree with the Society’s ways. Indie is also something of an independent soul, and she wants to join the Rising because she can no longer live happily in the Society. They join the Rising together, but Cassia is sent back to the Society as a spy, while Indie remains in the Rising camp with Ky.
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