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What are decoys? Why is Ky reluctant to make friends or be a leader in the Outer Provinces? Why does he befriend Vick and Eli?

Brandon Buchanan is the roommate of Heath Ferro, and is a quiet and contemplative guy who appears to be morally upstanding. He despises Heath's womanizing, and hates Easy Walsh for stealing his girlfriend Callie, almost one year before. Brandon also appears to be one of the few genuin friends that Jenny has.

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Ky refers to the Aberrations who are sent to the villages in the Outer Provinces as decoys. He calls them this because the Society uses these children to convince the Enemy that the villages are active and in use. Ky does not want to make friends in these villages because he knows that all of these children are going to die in the frequent fire raids sooner or later. He does not want to be a leader because he cannot promise these children anything and sees no point in it. Ky also fears that being a leader often leads to trouble, such as his father caused for the people of his childhood village. Despite this Ky makes friends with Vick because Vick insists on helping him dig graves for the dead and will not be deterred. Ky befriends Eli because he is so young and he resembles Cassia’s little brother, Bram.
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