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What is a parabatai? What is the role of a parabatai? How does Jem's illness impact his parabatai?

Easy Walsh is the handsome, artistic boyfriend of Callie Vernon, whom cheated with Eric on Brandon. Easy is hated by Brandon for this.

Easy, having sneaked into the girl's dormitory to have sex with Callie, is caught in the room with Jenny when Callie goes to the bathroom. Easy feels morally culpable for Jenny's potential expulsion over the incident. He develops genuine feelings for Jenny, and breaks up with Callie for this, in addition to Callie's manipulative nature.

Easy, at the disciplinary meeting, risks his own expulsion by admitting to and taking full responsibility for his presence in the girls' dormitory after hours. He is essentially slapped on the wrist by losing all of his privileges and is let off.
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A parabatai is a spiritual and physical partner of another person. Parabatai are bound to one another in a special ceremony and with a special rune. Jem's parabatai is Will. Will chose Jem because he was dying, and Will was convinced that anyone who loved him would die. Therefore, Will trusted that he could not kill Jem since he was dying anyway. When Jem's illness worsens and he decides to become a Silent Brother, Will is struck with terrible pain and bleeding at the site of his parabatai rune, leaving him convinced Jem is dead.
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