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How is Tessa different from the Shadowhunters? How did she come to be? What is her special ability?

Tinsley Carmichael is the oft-talked about, but never seen former roommate of Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. Jenny is often compared to Tinsley, who apparently had a pension for trouble, and was later expelled. It is probable that Tinsley's expulsion was her own doing.

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Tessa is different from the Shadowhunters because she is part demon, part Shadowhunter. Tessa's mother was stolen from her home as an infant and did not know of her Shadowhunter origins and was never marked. For this reason, Tessa's mother was able to conceive a child with a demon. This child, Tessa, has the ability to change her shape. She is immortal. Tessa was created intentionally by Mortmain in order to help him stage a war against the Shadowhunters.
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