Catching Fire

summary for catching fire & where do you think theyd be in 20 years?

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Catching Fire takes up where the first book left off. In the first book, we felt sure that having endured unspeakable obstacles to life, liberty and happiness, not only has Katniss survived, but in a cunning move, has made it possible for Peta to survive as well. In the second installment of this series, the Ministry has determined that Kat's bold move at the end of Book 1 has called for stronger measures so that it will not encourage rebellion (which it did do). To celebrate a centenial of the Hunger Games, the ministry has determined that all of the past champions should come back in a super giant, winner is the last one standing, sort of free for all. Kat and Peta are back into the thick of things, and are still trying to determine how they feel about one another throughout most of the movie. Tightening the screws on Katniss the Minister has Seneca killed, and Effie is threatened. In the end, through her usual cunning and skill, both she and Peta manage to derail the entire simulation and hologram, exposing the Capital for what it is. It fuels the fires for the rebellion so much so that her home district is put to the torch.