Cannery Row

What is the author's style in Cannery Row by John Steinbeck?

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Cannery Row is narrated in standard American English except in dialog, where the characters speak according to type: workers, immigrants, soldiers, prostitutes, and one college-trained professional. Author John Steinbeck is meticulous in setting up scenes, describing in rich detail the interiors of a cluttered general store, a reeking storage shed as it is transformed into a home for wayward grown boys, a bordello, and a laboratory for collecting and processing marine animals. The vacant lot located between three of the main settings is rendered in such detail—several times over—that a reader could walk it with eyes closed. A last look is given from a gopher's vantage point. He describes as closely as the hilly ride from Monterey to Carmel Valley and the idyllic spot the boys camp in as they wait to hunt for frogs.