Buried Onions

In the book Buried Onions by Gary Soto, how does he describe the good life?

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From the text:

"The good life is one where you go to work, do an eight-hour shift, and return home to your family, where your kids are wild for you. After all, you're the daddy. Mountains rise from your shoulders, coins jingle in your pocket, and the food on the table is your doing. A good life is a long, busy evening of watching TV, where every third or fourth joke is actually funny. Maybe you throw down a beer, play checkers with your oldest kid, or kick back on the lawn when it's hot and all the dogs on the block have something to say to the moon. You don't care if the mosquitoes on your neck set their needle-thin heads into a vein. You want to share your blood, share because you're a young father and you got lots more where that came from."


Buried Onions, pg. 35