Breakfast on Pluto

What is the author's style in Breakfast on Pluto by Patrick McCabe?

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The character Patrick Braden writes the bulk of Breakfast on Pluto. Because of this, the story is mostly told from Patrick's first-person point of view. However, numerous chapters in the book deal with third person short stories, which are also written by Patrick. Because this is a book within a book, Patrick can manipulate the story at any time, switching between points of view and shifting between the present and the future. This creates a muddled narrative, which was probably McCabe's intention, because his main character is such a muddled individual. Everything in this story is subjective and from Patrick's perspective.

Patrick is not the most honest individual and therefore, his narrative is not necessarily believable. The reader is often confused by Patrick's true intentions in writing this story, as it often seems like he is lashing out at others. This also creates a sort of dramatic irony, in that the reader is able to see things that Patrick is incapable or unwilling to see. Patrick sees the world the way he wishes it to be, the reader can observe Patrick's world from an outsider's standpoint, which is most likely more realistic than Patrick's. McCabe, the author, removes himself completely from this story and the reader may believe by that Patrick Braden actually did write this story.


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