Brave New World

Maybe no one can really answer this question, but (out of curiosity, what might happen to Lenina?

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You're right... speculation only since the end is so intentionally ambiguous. Personally, I am sorry, but I think she's dead. She could not have survived the "whipping" also all the more reason for John to do what he does in the last paragraph.

If she lives, she a) acts so anti-social that she is sent to Iceland/Faulkan Islands (choose her fantasy), b) she finagles her way back to the Sav Res to "atone", or c) they commit her to soma coma like Linda (she'd be useless to society after witnessing a scene like that.

Most believe that she had to have been put into a soma coma...if she survived the whipping. In the end, she is a plot device that the author uses to give validity to the decision that John makes.