Brave New World

In the book, Brave New World, which character faces internal conflicts and explain how those conflicts serve to develop the novel themes and ideas.


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Each of the characters in the novel, Brave New World, face internal conflicts. The character of John Savage, however, might be considered the most interesting. Sometimes called just "the Savage," John represents the idea of the Noble Savage: that a person raised in a primitive world, away from western civilization, has a purity of heart that civilized people lack (although Huxley does not portray the primitive world as a paradise). John the Savage cannot understand why civilized people think that having been born to and raised by your parents is an abomination, or why they do not feel sorrow when confronted with death. He very much loves his mother, and cannot understand why his father rejects him. After several discussions with Mustapha Mond, he quickly realizes that because his values are completely different from other people's, no place exists for him within civilization.


Brave New World