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Discuss the different futures that everyone sees for our protagonist, Antonio. At this point in the novel, which one do you think will prevail in the end? Give specific examples from the novel.

Bless me Ultima, By: Rudolfo Anaya,1972.

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In the novel, Bles me, Ultima, many characters weigh in on how Antonio should live his life and the choices he should make. He is pulled between two family legacies (Luna and Marez). The Lunas want him to be a farmer or a priest, while the Marez's would like him to be a wnderer like the cowboys int ehf amily. At this point in the book it would seem that Tony (Antonio) will most likely choose to be a cowboy because he questions his mother's family's religion and faith. After he meets Ultima and sees what she is capable of without religion, his eyes become opened to a larger world. 

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