Beyond the Horizon

What are the motifs in Beyond the Horizon by Eugene O'Neill?

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Chices are a major theme in the story. At various points along the way, the characters have choices. When Andy returns after three years at sea, he has the choice of leaving again or of staying at the Mayo farm. The latter is a logical choice, since the main reason he left—his love for Ruth—is no longer an issue. However, Andy says to Robert, "I'm certain now I never was in love." He chooses to go to Buenos Aires to make money speculating in grain instead of staying at the farm that he used to love. In the end, Robert notes that this choice has made Andy the biggest failure of them all: "You—a farmer—to gamble in a wheat pit with scraps of paper." Robert's choices also increase his unhappiness, however. His biggest choice, and the one which, as noted