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Peter Barry's style of writing uses a subjective tone that offers the reader a friendly, understanding and straightforward presentation about various types of literary and cultural theory. He writes as if he is speaking with a small group of students about a subject he thoroughly understands, participates in and enjoys. For example, discussing Gerard Genette and narratology Barry writes, ". . . I ask six basic questions about the act of narration, and sketch under each the range of possibilities identified by Genette, with some supplementary categories of my own."

The affect of his use of this tone on the reader is to make them share the enthusiasm Barry apparently has for his subject. His writing is simplified with laymen's words and terminology to encourage the reader to understand what in some cases may be a difficult concept. The reader is reassured by his writing that concepts can be understood and interesting. For example, Barry's goal of writing this book is clear in his statement, "Above all, it aims to interest you in theory."


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