Arms and the Man

character of sergius

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Sergius Saranoff (Arms and the Man) is an idealized version of what a hero should be as far as Raina and her mother. He is trapped by their image of him and tries to live up to it. But it is impossible to live up to an archetype Shaw uses this character to show how these perceptions that we have of others is very unrealistic and unfair. It is when he is with Louka that he realizes that there is more depth of character to himself than the romanticized version. When he makes the decision to follow his heart and be with Louka he is maturing and obtaining a real world vision of who he could be.

Sergius Saranoff

Sergius is the handsome fiancé of Raina, a romantic like she is, attempting to act the part of a knight in modern warfare. He makes a fool of himself at the Battle of Slivnitza by leading a cavalry charge into a line of cannons, but fortunately they did not have the right ammunition, and he won the day. Because everyone laughed, and he did not get promoted, he quits the military in a self-righteous huff. He tires of playing the ideal love with Raina, and begins flirting with Louka, to whom he is attracted. He claims he is five or six different personalities and does not care if he is consistent.

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