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What is the moral/ethical dilemma posed by the play, Antigone?

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Each character involved in this tragedy is torn in some way. They're torn between what is expected and what they feel that they want to do. For example, Creon believes that to take down Antigone's brother's body would be a sign of weakness to the kingdom and those who would come against him and so, despite how he feels personally, he believes that what he is doing is the best thing for the kingdom. Antigone is upset because, as she sees it, despite her brother's poor choice of action, he is still of noble blood and deserves a decent burial. In addition to that, she also believes that she is following the will of the gods; that to properly bury her brother would keep his spirit from wandering the earth, as well as keep the gods happy. She believes that by not burying him properly that the kingdom is at risk from the wrath of the gods. Ismene is torn between doing what is expected of her and her love/devotion to Antigone.

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