Does Antigone's suicide make her stronger or weaker as a character?

if you can, give me quotes to prove your answer . I have an answer but i want to see others (:

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Antigone's suicide makes her believe that she is stronger as a character. She prevails over Creon because she believes that what she has done in burying her brother makes her better than Creon, and the Gods will favor her in the after life.
ISMENE I scorn them not, but to defy the State Or break her ordinance I have no skill. ANTIGONE A specious pretext. I will go alone To lap my dearest brother in the grave. ISMENE My poor, fond sister, how I fear for thee! ANTIGONE O waste no fears on me; look to thyself. (82-85) This quote shows Antiogne's strength prior to the suicide. She was a strong woman, looking to become even more empowered. She has been a shrewed study of politics, human psychology, and on top of that she feels a moral and righteous justiication in what she is about to do. her suicide cements her wishes and she has, at least to her way of thinking, the last laugh.