Anne of Green Gables

Summary of chapter 36, chapter 37 and chapter 38 (one summary each) in Anne of green gables

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Anne of Green Gables

Chapter 36: Final exam results are posted. Anne learns that Gilbert has won as class Medalist. However, Anne is awarded the AVery scholarship and she is so excited to to go to Redmond to college. Gilbert accepts a position to be Avonlea's next schoolmaster.

Chapter 37: Matthew dies, leaving Anne torn about what to do. She learns that Marilla's appointment with the doctor has resulted in a prognosis of oncoming blindness. Anne is faced with a decision.

Chapter 38: Marilla goes to a specialist who says that if she is very careful with her eyes that she may put off going blind for a while. Otherwise, she will be blind in six months or less. Anne decides not to go to college but to remain and take care of Marilla.