What metaphors are used in Always by Guillaume Apollinaire?

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Exploration emerges as the dominant theme and metaphor of “Always,” as Apollinaire presents his view of the creative process. The poet links scientific inventions with literary creations through explorations of the boundaries of the world. The first explorer in the poem, Don Juan, imaginatively investigates the cosmos, hopping from “planet to planet,” “nebula to nebula,” while “never leaving the ground.” During his explorations, Don Juan seeks “new forces” that can replace the old, an important principle in Apollinaire's aesthetic. Christopher Columbus's explorations of the terrestrial world extend this process. He forgets old worlds (Asia and the East Indies) while in search of the new. This ability to “lose” the old in order to “make room for the windfall” (that is, the new) will result in a “victory” for the explorer.