All My Sons

Why was Joe Keller a dynamic character in All My Sons?

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Joe Keller in All My Sons is a dynamic character is that he shows growth and change through the course of the story. He is at the beginning the family patriarch; calm, proud, a man in control of his destiny and those around him. Through a series of events, though, he begins to realize what building his business has cost him and he is conflicted. Ignoring the facts and hiding the truth for so many years he finally faces the fact that his choices cost people their lives and he can't face these truths. In the end, he takes his own life because of the deep sense of remorse and guilt that he feels.
Joe Keller has a dynamic character in the play because he is firstly the head of the family and then he is the villian of the play who to satisfy his desire for money corrupts his understandings for the human race and this can be seen by the fact that he sells 21 cracked cylinder heads to the air force during the world war although he knew that the the cylinder heads will not be able to stay in the air for a long time. By this time he has the opportunity cost between saving his business or the soldiers of his country but Joe decides to save his own business instead of the soldiers in his country and he thinks that money can compulsate for the loss of everything until his own son, Larry, commits sucide as he comes to know what evil his father has committed and relises that he cannot live anymore. By this time Keller has fully realised his mistakes but even know he does not want anyone to know about his sin and does his level best that no one should not know about anything but the entrance of George and the desire of Ann Deever to marry Chris discloses Larry's letter that he has committed sucide because of the deeds his father has committed. When Keller comes to know about this he realises that " I guess they were All My Sons " and as a result commits sucide.