Al Capone Does My Shirts

Who is Matthew "Moose" Flanagan from Al Capone Does My Shirts and what is their importance?

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Matthew "Moose" Flanagan from Al Capone Does My Shirts is the story's main character. He is 12 when the story opens up and he ans his family have had to move to Alcatraz Island so that Moose's older sister, Natalie, can attend a school for the mentally disabled. To make matters worse, he finds himself in charge of his sister afterschool, which means that he can't even join his friends after school.
Moose is the main person! You have obviusly not read. The storyline is: Moose and his family move to alcatraz. He then meets all the kids, including Piper, the wardens duaghter. She is a bossy brat who gets everything she wants, becuase her "daddy" is the big cheese on the little crumb of an island. After meeting the gang, moose starts going to school, meets a guy who becomes his best friend, and plays baseball with him once. His says no more, bc he must take care of his sister, Natalie, who has autsim. He throws a fit, gets the boys to move the game, has to watch his sister that day, loses his friend, gets him back, and plays at lunch. Piper has a scheme to sell the deal of Al Capone washing school kids clothes, forces other kids into it, and then they ALL get in trouble. After that, caps baseball privledges get taken away, (GASP! Thats super important to him!!!) and the rest you have to read for yourself. Goodbye person who never read the book! See ya later! (P.S. Hopefully Not, The Would Be Weird)