A Year Down Yonder

summary of chapture 6 in the book a year down younder

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IN Chapter Six of the book A Year Down Yonder, it is March and Mary Alice is now 16. Bootsie stills comes to see her and brings her various things from the wild. One time she brings a kitten and Mary Alice thinks that Bootsie has given her the kitten, but when Bootsie returns she takes it away. Later on a strange man with a different accent visits her and her grandmother. His name is ARnold Green and that he's part of the Roosevelt administrations outreach program. He needs a place to stay and grandma overcharges him to live in their attic. Final exams keep Mary Alice busy. There is a boy that she likes, whose name is Royce. He's pretty good a math and under the guise of getting help with math she invites him over to study with her. She has no interest in studying though.
Excitement comes to the home when Maxine Patch, the local single post mistress agrees to pose nude for the painter living in Grandma's attic. Maxine embarrasses herself when she ends up running naked into the streets after a toy snake fell onto her. Grandma says that she's always kept it up there to discourage the birds.
The towns people decide that the painter is a bad influence on everyone, but Grandma decides that he's okay and tries to be a match maker between him and the local English teacher.