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Why does Ogion take on the task of wanting to train Ged in the ways of being a wizard?

Lila Crane is Mary Crane's feisty and independent little sister. When Mary goes missing, Lila begins piecing together the clues that eventually lead her to Mary's killer. With a feeling of guilt for all Mary has sacrificed for her, Lila refuses to alert the police when she hears Mary has stolen the money, and sets out to bring her sister, and the money, home herself. When Mary realizes that the job is too big for her to complete on her own, and that involving the police might be a good idea, Aborgast and Sam Loomis silence her. Eventually, Lila traces Mary's clues to the Bates Motel and she confronts Norman and Mother about Mary's disappearance herself.

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Ogion takes on the task of training Ged to be a wizard because he believes Ged will not only be a powerful wizard, but will be the most powerful wizard of all time. Ogion knows that wizardry can be used for good or evil, and knows that Ged must make the right choice.
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Because it was that stuff that made him give itup

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