A Murder Is Announced

what type of questions can come in a unit test on the whole book of 'A murder is Announced'? Can anyone write some sample questions for me? PLEASE I really need it.

the sample questions should broad questions because my whloe unit test is of 20 or 25 marks and I at least need 18 out of 20 and 23 out of 25 marks.

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Unit tests are given to test knowledge of the subject matter on varying levels of comprehension. So, some questions will be simple 'what are' or 'who are' questions such as: Who is Letitia Blacklock? So, to study for the test, you should review all of the characters (at least the major characters). Then, questions could be asked about themes, and the plot line. However, for more complicated, higher level questions, a unit test could ask larger, extended essay type questions such as: How did you feel about the ending of the story? or At what point did you decide that Charlotte was the killer? What gave it away? Would you have done something different? Why or why not?