A Modest Proposal

need a summary for the modest proposal

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The basic idea of Swift's "A Modest Proposal" is to put forth a proposal that will help remedy the economic hardships in Ireland in the early 18th century. Swift (in complete over-the-top satire) suggests that Irelands poor should offer up their infants and children as food for the rich since the children are far too much of a strain on empoverished households (i.e. the children eat too much and don't do anything.)

Farther on in the piece (4 paragraphs from the end) Swift buries some practical solutions to the economic problems in the text (and in sarcasm). He mentions things such as levying a tax on imported goods, only using goods made in Ireland, doing away with vanity and comfort. WHile some of his solutions are plausible, some of them are overly Idealistic and nearly impossible to employ.

hope this helps!