A Jury of Her Peers


what is the theme in "A Jury of Her peers"

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One major theme in the play is that of deception and loyalty. As Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale piece together a probable scenario for Mr. Wright's murder, they become torn between deceiving the men, particularly Mrs. Peters' husband, who is the sheriff, and maintaining their loyalty to a woman with whom they identify. Because the men are so reluctant to consider the quilting, the preserves, and the state of the kitchen to be significant details of the crime, the women may feel that any attempts to convince them of how important these "trifles" really are will only be met with more dismissive sarcasm "The law is the law-and a bad stove is a bad stove," says Mrs. Hale, succinctly summarizing their quandary. Their deception is borne of their loyalty to another woman-even if it is someone neither of them knew well. Even after the men have searched the grounds and are returning to the kitchen, their Minds are not made up. At the end, the attorney tells Mrs Peters that "a sheriff's wife is named to the law." when asked If she sees It that way, and she replies "Not just that way."


A Jury of Her Peers