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What is mythology for you? How does it relate to your life?

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Mythology is derived from the two root words,'myth' meaning 'unknown' and ,'ology' meaning 'study'.This means studying about certain aspects of life that are not easily known like the supernatural as well as events within the mind outside psychology or spiritual phenomenon.

For me i am a christian with very serious belief in God as creator as well as director of events in my life within the concept of a pre-planned programme that only fulfills itself ,as i obey him and work it out myself in life, despite the numerous challenges and dicouragements on our way.

I believe that life itself is a gift from God, that is priceless and that, one day will evaporate as quickly and mysteriously as it also started.I also believe that i will live eternally with God in a yet to be determined form because i am obedient to his rules in also a place called ,'heaven' also yet to be determined physically.

sirchris41 | 2177 days ago

William WIlberforce , a British, is often stated as the person who abolished slavery because he used a ship to search for other ships carrying slves despite the Law to stop the trade.However, other prominent me like Abraham Lincoln also contributed significantly.In his state of union address during his presidency he made it clear that the American Union cannot survive with the slave laws thus paving the way for reintegration as well as abolition of slavery.

sirchris41 | 2177 days ago