Look Back in Anger

short note on bear and squirrel game in look back in anger by john osborne

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The love between jimmy n Alison was never based on a solid ground.It was a kind of rebellion for both.She wanted him because he was so very different from all the people she knew he had this raw charm about him which set him apart from all the fake superficial people who belonged to her class of people.Jimmy on the other hand wanted her because he knew he could not have her or was not suppose to have her it made him want her more.But their relationship was not stable enough to withstand the disparity in their social status,their mentalities,financial crisis and more importantly Jimmy's hatred towards her class.This made them resort to this little game of the squirrel and the bear,wild animals yet simple as their were no class distinctions and the love was pure and innocent.The bear which symbolized Jimmy is a gruff wild creature as jimmy often behaved like and the squirrel, a tiny, yet petite with polite dignity of sorts was representative of Alison. thus resorting to this game jimmy and Alison could escape the harshness of real life and enjoy the the simple wild love of a bear and a squirrel.