If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home

O'brian writes of the Vietnam war, "things happened, things came to an end. there was no sense of developing drama" what does he mean by that? do his stories support or contradict?

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Vietnam was never declared a war. Things did "happen,": and the government declared it ended. However, countless numbers of people never stopped being angry over the fact that we were in there in the first place. I believe the "drama" O'Brian is speaking of is the insistance of the baby boomer generation to continue to keep the battle scars alive. The protesters prevented the soldiers to receive the honor they deserved, and PTSD and agent orange sufferers have had to fight for years to be heard. Without the "drama" of the vets themselves demanding accountability and acknowledgment of their sacrafices, this "war" would have been swept under the rug. As it is, that "war" created a generation of divorces, children with severe genetic problems that can be directly related to agent orange, and a new generation who demands answers from our government.

I cannot say whether or hot his sotries support this, but I will be reading his stories in the near future.