When Stanley is sent to the Warden for stealing sunflower seeds, what does she do to him?


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Someone stashed the bag of seeds in Stanley's hole. The Warden threatens him with nail polish made with rattlesnake venom.

Stanley had no idea why she was showing it to him. He wondered why the Warden would ever have the need to wear nail polish or makeup.

"Do you want to know my secret ingredient?"

He raised and lowered one shoulder.

The Warden opened the bottle. "Rattlesnake venom." With a small paintbrush she began applying it to the nails on her left hand. "It's perfectly harmless . . . when it's dry."

She finished her left hand. She waved it in the air for a few seconds, then began painting the nails on her right hand. "It's only toxic while it's wet." She finished painting her nails, then stood up. She reached over and touched Stanley's face with her fingers. She ran her sharp wet nails very gently down his cheek.
He felt his skin tingle.
The nail on her pinkie just barely touched the wound behind his ear. A sharp sting of pain caused him to jump back.