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Why is labour class is not educated. what are the causes?

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Genes: Parents not intelligent, the kids aren't likely to be either, and this continues down the generations.

Education: Some may not be that interested in education and not reach their full potential. Others may leave school early for apprenticeships.

Environment: If the kids are around uneducated parents, they don't have to opportunity to "pick up" learning habits and education from their parents and this can be a repetitive cycle.
We can't tell that labour class is not educated.Because the education is not the way of measuring one's intelligence.sometimes there may be a farmer who is wiser than a professor.Most of the scientists who invented many new things never went to a school.They invent those things through experiments and hold experiments through experiances.
this is not a rule that the labour class is not wholly educated on the other hand in my perception mostly hardworking people or student come from labour class because they know very well the importance of hardwork. but inspite of theses facts some of the people are not educated reasons can be the lack of awareness, resources, intentions and most importantly not having the desire to change ones ownself and living conditios.

In the above article you actually write the reasons which behind not education for the labour class people. These are not the reasons but these are the facts and we should work on it to give the education such class of people. Actually, I try to get find a site for getting reviews of but as a student i'm happy to increase my knowledge.

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