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What are the most relevant programming languages today?

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Probably the most widespread language today is Java. It's a decent language, that reflects most of the state-of-the-art in language design principles. C#, Microsoft's answer to Java, is very similar.

Then, for web programming specifically, there's JavaScript & PHP. Both have their own quirks, but still they're very popular.

Then there are the downright weird, specialized languages like Python & Ruby, both with their own loyal followings. But if you start out learning Java, you should have a very good base for learning any other language today.

Which tachnology u talk about. All languages are important depends on your programing requirement. in latest technology, php, .net & most importantly java for mobile app development are the important languages that you should learn for programing.

For web services I prefer the Asp.Net is the best language and if you need an android app development then I would go for Java the best programming language.


I need to begin figuring out how to code since I am anticipating getting a software engineering degree yet I am thinking about whether I ought to learn C++ or java. University assignment help online I've likewise been advised C++ is beginning to wind up plainly unimportant contrasted with java, so I don't know what is better. Any help is valued.


If you are serious about thinking that Latin would be a good precursor to learning other languages, then I would recommend that you learn, latest technology, php, .net & most importantly for Website Development and onother java for Apps development solutions are the important languages that you should learn for programing.


Someone said well, you have to learn the driving rather than driving for a specific branded car such as Veneno, Ferrari, In the similar way you have to learn the core concepts regarding programming such as structured & object oriented rather than a specified programming language. If your query is related to statistical data then python, java and SQL are considered as the popular programming languages for app design & development done at in 2017 & beyond.

Knowing different kind of programming languages is a no-brainer for engineers, but a simple knowledge of the languages have a good advantage for anyone, even if you are not looking to become a master coder. Nowadays, Java is one of the most popular & top programming languages, used for create server-side applications such as video games and mobile apps.


it is all depends on the application. if you are working on desktop application then go with ASP.NET and if you are creating mobile application then Java and Androird will be best for you.

By looking current technology trends, for desktop application is perfect programming language.

It basically depends on the requirements. PHP is mainly concerned to building websites where as Java can be used in creating websites as well build electronic systems.

Perhaps, there is a boom in data science field which has broguht about much attetntion to R language and Python. Otherwise the evergreen languages and technology are HTML, PHP and C


I am working as an SEO developer at company offers dedicated seo resources and I have notice most website are built on PHP so i think it's PHP that is more relevant.

Java too

Easy it would be code


Remember that Bringhurst is most often discussing publication and book layout primarily. It's an amazing resource, but it should not be treated as the gospel, as it often is.