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what is the main theme of clash of the titans?

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that this movie is based on a Greek myth, and though it isaimed at young audiences, it contains medium-level fantasy violence (some swordplay with blood), some scares (mostly characters like gruesome witches that share an eyeball, Medusa and her snake-hair, and a skeletal ferryman), and some nudity (mostly nonsexual and not up close, plus one covered shot of a couple in bed together). The movie features the work of legendary special effects master Ray Harryhausen, and it has a certain cult appeal because of this; it's filled with unique -- if somewhat dated -- stop-motion animation and creatures. Modern day kids may find it all a bit wooden,slow, and/or dull, but parents who saw it when it was new in the early 1980s may be thrilled to see it again. Positive messages : Human heroism prevails over the petty feuds...

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