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A Christmas Carol Objects/Places

The Knocker: The knocker of the front door is shaped like a lion, but on Christmas Eve, Scrooge notices that for an instant it looks like Marley's face. It startles him momentarily, but Scrooge doesn't believe in ghosts or any other such fanciful thing, so he tries to forget about it. This incident is a precursor to Marley's arrival as well as that of the three ghosts that haunt Scrooge.

Ray of Light : The Ghost of Christmas Past has a bright ray of light shining from his head as if he can illuminate the mistakes of the past so that they can be mended or at least so that they will not be repeated. Scrooge tries to squelch this light when he feels that the ghost has shown him more than he can bear. The weight of Scrooge's mistakes is so heavy that he extinguishes the light so that he can see no more.

Cornucopia torch: The Ghost of Christmas Present carries a torch in the shape of the Horn of Plenty and when he sprinkles the magic within the torch on the people he watches, they are filled with the kindness and cheer that is associated with Christmas.

Want and Ignorance: Want and Ignorance are personified in two hideous children that appear beneath the robes of the Ghost of Christmas Present. He explains to Scrooge that these are the children of mankind and that they should be avoided, especially Ignorance, or doom is imminent.

Headstone: The headstone is what reveals to Scrooge that the friendless man who died in the vision of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was actually Scrooge himself. This headstone bearing his name was the greatest catalyst for Scrooge's repentance. Once he sees the way that his greedy, loveless life will end if he continues in his ways, Scrooge promises to be a more charitable, generous person to prevent such an end.

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