Chapter 6 Notes from Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter 6

Billy makes breakfast for his pups and then they are on their way back home. Billy tries to think of what he will tell Papa and Mama. He decides he will tell them the truth.

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Billy arrives at the campground where he first found the magazine with the advertisement for the pups; they rest here for a little while. He tries to think of names for his dogs. He happens to look over at a tree and see the names "Dan" and "Ann" carved in it with a heart around the names. At that instant, Billy knows that is what he wants to call his dogs. He says he will call the male "Old Dan" and the female "Little Ann."

Billy and the dogs finally reach home. He is worried about the reaction his parents will give him, but to his surprise they are delighted to see him. Mama was so worried about him, but happy now that he is finally home. Papa had gone and asked Grandpa about Billy's whereabouts and he told Papa everything. Everyone is so pleased with the pups, especially Billy's sisters. Then, Papa finds the gifts Billy purchased in town. Mama and the girls are delighted. Now, Mama can make a new dress and the girls can eat the candy. Papa and Billy talk about town and how busy it is. Billy tells them about his experiences in town with the young boys, the marshal, and the soda pop. Papa asks him if he liked it and Billy says that he didn't. Papa then goes on and explains that the town, not the hills, is a good place to raise a family; the town offers a good education, something that the hills do not. Mama and Papa hope to some day be able to move to town, because they cannot bear the thought of their children not going to a real school and not ever drinking soda pop. It is late and everyone gets ready for bed.

The next morning, Billy makes a doghouse for his pups. Papa helps him make two collars for the dogs. Billy carves the names "Old Dan" and "Little Ann" in them. That night Billy tells Mama about how he prayed to God for the pups. She asks him if he thinks God heard his prayer, and he says that he knows God did and he will always be thankful.

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