Chapter 3 Notes from Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter 3

Billy, now eleven, helps his Papa more than ever and in his spare time, he runs down to the campground to collect left-behind items of the fishermen who just fished there. He finds all sorts of things, including knives, cans, and on this particular day, a sporting magazine. Billy sits down and looks through the magazine. In it he finds an advertisement for redbone hunting hounds for sale in Kentucky--just the kind of dogs he wants. They are $25 each, and even though it is a lot of money, Billy is determined to get two hounds. He says a prayer and asks for God to help him get the pups.

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He thinks of a plan to save money for the hounds. Billy decides that he will sell things to the fishermen, like crawfish, minnows, and fresh vegetables. He will work in his grandpa's store. With this idea, he looks on the ground for a can to start saving his money in (beginning with the 23 cents in his pocket). He finds a K.C. Baking Powder Can, cleans it, and uses it as a bank.

Two long years go by and Billy is now thirteen. He has been working hard in his grandpa's store, collecting minnows, and berries to save the $50 needed to buy the dogs.

"Lying back in the soft hay, I folded my hands behind my head, closed my eyes, and let my mind wander back over the two long years. I thought of the fishermen, the blackberry patches, and the huckleberry hills. I thought of the prayer I had said when I asked God to help me get two hound pups. I knew He had surely helped, for He had given me the heart, courage, and determination." Chapter 3, pg. 21

Topic Tracking: Determination 2

After the two years are up, Billy approaches his grandpa, shows him the money, and asks him to help him get the dogs. Grandpa is astonished that Billy managed to save this much money; it brings him to tears and he agrees to help Billy buy the dogs. He tells Billy not to say anything to Papa about the hounds and Billy agrees. Grandpa says he will call about the hounds and let Billy know as soon as he finds out. He gives Billy a large sack of candy. Billy can hardly believe his eyes. He hasn't had candy in a long time. He sucks on the candy and whistles the whole way home, thinking about how wonderful his grandpa is. When he gets home, he shares the candy with his sisters and feels good just seeing how much they appreciate it.

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