Chapter 14 Notes from Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter 14

Billy walks to Grandpa's store. Grandpa tells Billy how sorry he is to hear about Rubin's death. He thinks it is his fault, but Billy assures him that it was no one's fault. Grandpa really called Billy to the store to show him the newspaper. In it is an advertisement for a championship coon hunt. The winner receives a gold cup. Grandpa wants Billy to enter with Old Dan and Little Ann; Billy is overjoyed just thinking about it. Grandpa has already paid the entry fee and has taken care of everything. Billy just has to show up with his dogs. The hunt is in six days; Grandpa tells Billy to head home and make sure the dogs rest up for these next few days. He also tells him to meet back at the store on the morning of the fifth day and they will drive his buggy to where the contest starts. Grandpa tells Billy to invite his father as well. He gives Billy a sack of candy and tells him to share it with his sisters. Billy is thrilled.

Billy makes his way home, enjoying the clear sounds of nature the whole way. He is in a state of bliss over the thought of the contest and he reflects on all that has happened to him over these past couple of years:

"As I skipped along, it was hard for me to realize all the wonderful things that had happened to me in such a few short years. I had two of the finest little hounds that ever bawled on the trail of a ringtail coon. I had a wonderful mother and father and three little sisters. I had the best grandpa a boy ever had, and to top it all, I was going on a championship coon hunt. It was no wonder that my heart was bursting with happiness. Wasn't I the luckiest boy in the world?" Chapter 14, pg. 160-1

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Billy makes it home and tells everyone about the coon hunt. They are all excited and Papa agrees to go. Billy has been so wrapped up in his hunting that he did not even notice that Mama is pregnant. He feels badly and goes up to her and kisses her. Billy's youngest sister asks him to give the gold cup to her if he wins it and he agrees to. The next few days are filled with excitement for Billy; he can hardly sleep. He helps get things together for Mama, considering he and Papa will be gone for a few days. He also talks to his dogs about the hunt.

Papa and Billy walk to the store. They talk about the dogs. Billy tells Papa that Little Ann is gun-shy. Whenever she hears a gun, she runs to Billy, shaking all over with fright. They finally make it to the store and Grandpa is all ready to go. The groceries are packed and the buggy is ready. Billy just has to get some hay to make a bed for his dogs. Grandma comes outside and makes sure Grandpa has everything he needs. She kisses Billy goodbye and they leave.

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