Chapter 29 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 29

The night after the funeral, Heathcliff came to the Grange to take Cathy. He scolded her for her disobedience, and encouraging Linton to do wrong. He did not punish Linton, because just the thought of his father is enough to terrify and sicken the boy, who cries out in his sleep. Cathy cannot remain at the Grange, because Heathcliff planned on renting it, and he wanted her at the Heights to work. Cathy stood up to him, and said that despite his best efforts, she and Linton do not hate each other. But Cathy's departure made Linton spiteful and wishing for revenge against her. Cathy, already acting like a resident of the Heights, condemned her uncle and took pleasure in his evil and revolting state. Nelly begged Heathcliff for Zillah's place at the Heights, but he would not let her come.

Heathcliff, with a triumphant smile, told Nelly about his burial plans. When the grave-digger was digging Linton's grave, Heathcliff got him to open Catherine's. She still looked beautiful, and he bribed the man to knock out the side of their coffins, so they could lie together forever. Nelly was disgusted, but Heathcliff told her that is all that will allow him to be at peace after he dies. He confessed that he went crazy after she died, and he partly dug up her grave, so desperate was he to be with her. He stopped when he felt a warm breath, and he felt a sudden relief. He told Nelly that Catherine has haunted him all these years. So crazed with grief, he expected to see her everywhere; he felt her presence often, especially at night.

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After he quieted, Heathcliff took down a portrait of his Catherine from above the mantle. He asked Nelly to send it over tomorrow. Then he took Cathy away, telling Nelly not to visit her at Wuthering Heights.

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