Chapter 27 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 27

In the week between visits, Edgar's health deteriorated quickly. Cathy knew her father was dying, and she was at his side constantly. She did not go outside, and had to be reminded of her visit to Wuthering Heights. Nelly thought time out of doors would do her good. Edgar believed that his nephew was like himself in character, and would care for Cathy after he died. That afternoon, a sunny August day, Nelly and Cathy headed for the Heights. Linton was in the same spot as last week, and seemed afraid. Cathy, angry to be called away from her father's bedside, asked Linton why he had her come. Linton told her to blame his father for their meeting, and him for his cowardice. Cathy had no patience for his moods and wanted to leave. But Linton had a secret, which Cathy feared she was a part. Heathcliff appeared, curious to know if Edgar Linton was near death. He was afraid Linton would die first, and his plan would be spoiled. Heathcliff yelled at his son, embarrassed at his cowardice and constant weeping. The boy was terrified of his father, and eager to please him to avoid punishment. Heathcliff helped Linton to rise, and then asked Cathy to help him into the house. Forbidden to enter the Heights, she refused, and Nelly would not leave her alone. Linton, terrified, begged Cathy to bring him inside herself. The kind girl could not refuse.

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Once inside, Heathcliff locked the door and insisted they stay for tea. Everyone else was gone from the Heights, and they were alone. Cathy demanded to leave, but Heathcliff would not give up the key. They fought over it, and he slapped her repeatedly on the head. When he stopped, he told her to go to Linton, for they would be married tomorrow; that was how her new father would treat her temper tantrums. Heathcliff left to release their horses, and while he was gone, they unsuccessfully looked for an escape. Linton was now only peevish instead of fearful; with the danger to himself over, he relaxed. He told her that they were to be married in the morning. Cathy, desperate, looked anew for an escape route, and Linton, now afraid she might leave, played upon her sympathies. They were immune to Cathy, who was frantic to see her beloved father. Heathcliff returned, and Cathy begged him to let her go, knowing her father will be worried. Heathcliff, happy to hear that his enemy will be so unhappy, firmly refused to let Cathy go. Cathy asked to be married now, so she can see her father, but Heathcliff would not agree.

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They missed a chance at escape when some servants from the Grange rode up, looking for Cathy and Nelly. Heathcliff was sharp, and he got rid of them. When he returned, he locked the two women in a room, from which escape was impossible. Nelly felt terribly responsible for what had happened.

The next morning, Heathcliff took Cathy. Nelly remained imprisoned, and when Hareton came with her food, she could not convince him to free her. Five days passed.

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