Chapter 26 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 26

Cathy and Nelly embarked on their trip to Wuthering Heights in late summer. They were to ride and meet Linton at the crossroads between the properties, but he was not there. His messenger told them that Linton wanted them to come closer to the Heights. Nelly was annoyed, and even more so when they saw Linton a quarter mile from the Heights, and without a horse. Linton was weak and ill, much worse than the last time they saw him. He was indifferent to conversation, annoyed by laughter, and sullen. He did not seem to want them there, but when Cathy suggested they leave, he looked fearfully back at the Heights and begged her to stay a little longer. He asked her to come again next week, and not to tell Heathcliff about how tired and quiet he was. This was his father's idea, and Linton was very afraid of disappointing and angering him. Still he was quiet, and fell asleep. Cathy wished to go; she cannot understand why he wanted her to come. Linton stirred awake, and thought he heard his father coming. Cathy promised to return next week, then left. The visit made her sad and confused, but she concealed this from her father.

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