Chapter 22 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 22

It was early September. Cathy and her father took frequent walks out of doors, and Mr. Linton caught a bad cold. He was forced to stay in bed that winter. Cathy missed her time with her father, and Nelly tried unsuccessfully to fill the gap. One day when they were out, Catherine was in terrible spirits. Afraid her father is going to die, she looked to Nelly for reassurance. Nelly does what she can, but warned Cathy not to disturb her father by visiting the Heights. Cathy, who says her father is the most important person, and the one she wishes to cause the least pain, agreed.

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They reached a stone wall and Cathy climbed over to reach some high flowers. But she was not able to scale the wall to come over, and Nelly was obliged to go back for a key to open a nearby door. Before she could leave, Heathcliff rode up, on Cathy's side of the wall. She was a good girl, and told him she could not speak to him. But he said Linton was sick and it was her fault for being fickle and breaking his heart. He told her he would be away for a week, and that she should visit him then. Angrily, Nelly broke the lock, and escorted Cathy away, while Heathcliff tempted her to visit. It began to rain, and during the walk home Cathy was quiet. Nelly knew Heathcliff had made her feel guilty and concerned for not visiting. Once at home, Cathy cried and made Nelly promise to go with her to the Heights tomorrow.

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