Chapter 20 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 20

Before Cathy woke the next morning, Edgar got Linton ready to leave. He feared the influence of the Heights so, that he determined not to tell his daughter where Linton was going. Linton was surprised to be leaving, because his mother never told him he had a father. He was also worried and Edgar lied, telling him that his father is a businessman who could not live with his mother. Edgar wanted to stay with his uncle, but unfortunately this was impossible.

Nelly took Linton to the Heights, and they found the three men finishing breakfast. They made fun of Linton, who is effeminate and pale, the opposite of the men at the Heights. Heathcliff is annoyed to see the boy is so like his mother, and angered when he hears that Linton never heard about him. He tells Nelly that his son will enable him to get his revenge:

"my son is prospective owner of your place, and I should not wish him to die till I was certain of being his successor. Besides, he's mine, and I want the triumph of seeing my descendant fairly lord of their estates: my child hiring their children to till their fathers' land for wages. That is the sole consideration which can make me endure the whelp: I despise him for himself, and hate him for the memories he revives!" Chapter 20, pg. 191

Linton will be well raised, but for terrible reasons. Linton is already at odds in his new home, having sent back his dinner. Nelly hoped for the best, and returned to the Grange, with Linton crying out to her as she departed.

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