Chapter 19 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 19

A letter arrived from Edgar with news of Isabella's death. Cathy eagerly awaited her father's return, and that of her cousin. She and her father were very happy to see each other, while the delicate Linton slept in the carriage. Edgar warned his daughter to be careful of Linton, who would likely be unhappy for quite awhile. But the boy was tired and short of manners. Once inside, it was hard to make him comfortable; he was full of complaints. He had Edgar's physical attributes but not his good nature. Cathy indulged all his requests, and gave him much affection. But Edgar was afraid he would not be able to keep the boy, whose weak condition would make him a poor inhabitant at the Heights. As if to answer his fears, Joseph came to the door, demanding the boy for his master. Joseph wanted the boy immediately, but Edgar convinced him to wait and allow them to send the boy to the Heights tomorrow morning.

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