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Wuthering Heights Chapter 15

It is a week later, and Mr. Lockwood has heard all of Mrs. Dean's stories. He continues with the story, repeating what he heard: Nelly returned from the Heights with Heathcliff's letter, and it took her three days to decide to give Catherine the letter, so fearful was she of its effect. That Sunday when the family went to church, Nelly was alone with Catherine, and took this opportunity to give her the letter. Catherine was very different--calm, quiet, almost ghostly in appearance and mood. She would sit and do nothing, usually refusing Edgar's kindness.

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Nelly opened the letter, and Catherine showed no interest in it until she was told Heathcliff sent it. Catherine sighed, but gave no answer as to whether Heathcliff should be let in to visit. But he was already outside, and he walked into the house and greeted an eager Catherine, with a long embrace. He was shocked by her appearance, but Catherine was angry. She accused he and Edgar of killing her, of breaking her heart. She saw how healthy Heathcliff looked, and she accused him of flourishing while she withered. She thinks he will forget her when she is gone, and love another. Heathcliff cannot bear this, and tells her she is wrong, he can never forget her, nor these hurtful things she has said to him. But he pulls away from her, and she says to Nelly: "That is how I'm loved! Well, never mind. That is not my Heathcliff. I shall love mine yet; and take him with me: he's in my soul." Chapter 15, pg. 146 She speaks eagerly of leaving her current life, and Heathcliff finally comes to her, in an embrace so strong it is almost vicious. Heathcliff asks her why she betrayed them, marrying Edgar? It is all her fault, he tells her--nothing could tear them apart, except her own actions. When she asks him for forgiveness, he says: "Kiss me again, but don't let me see your eyes! I forgive what you have done to me. I love my murderer--but yours! How can I?" Chapter 15, pg. 148

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They remained in each other's arms until the others started to return from church. Nelly urged Heathcliff to go, but when Catherine told him this would be the last time they see each other, he cannot leave her. He held her, and she lay faint in his arms as Edgar entered the room. Edgar revived Catherine and Nelly finally made Heathcliff go. He planned to wait by the trees in the garden, and made Nelly promise to tell him any news that passes.

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