Chapter 13 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 13

Two months passed. There was no word from Isabella, and Catherine changed as a result of her illness: a brain fever. Edgar took care of her, and she was eventually out of danger. Depressed and listless, Catherine missed the moors, and wished to be outside again. Nelly and Edgar decided she was well enough to be moved downstairs, but still too weak to go out of doors. They wished for her full recovery, especially because Catherine was pregnant.

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Edgar received a note from Isabella telling of her marriage to Heathcliff, but he did not answer it. It was Nelly to whom Isabella wrote next. Isabella and Heathcliff had been staying at Wuthering Heights, and she is miserable. She felt sorry for her impulsive act, and wished to see Edgar. She told Nelly of her horrible situation, asking her not to let her brother know how bad things are. She wonders now if she married a man or a devil, so malicious and cold is her husband. She hoped for friends or allies in the house, but little Hareton is an ignorant, violent child; Hindley is mad, and Joseph a disagreeable, self-righteous crab. She was not offered any comfort or hospitality when she arrived. She made dinner poorly, and no one was very happy with her. There was no maid, and no decent bedroom she could sleep in except for Heathcliff's. She dozed on a chair in Hareton's room, as Heathcliff's was locked. But when her husband returned, he had no intention of letting her sleep in his room, and told her that he blamed Edgar for Catherine's illness, and was going to use her to get his revenge.

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The letter ended with a plea from Isabella that Nelly visit her at Wuthering Heights the next day.

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