Chapter 10 Notes from Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights Chapter 10

Mr. Lockwood was sick for four weeks. Perhaps a bit guilty, Mr. Heathcliff has visited him once. Mr. Lockwood calls Nelly to come back and tell him more of the story.

Life with the newlyweds at Thrushcross Grange was good. Edgar and Isabella bent to every wish of Catherine's, out of fear of aggravating her health. In such an environment, Catherine could not help but be happy. But this happiness ended when Heathcliff returned. Clean, well dressed, handsome, and well spoken, he was lifted out of the poverty of body and mind in which he was raised. He wanted to speak to Catherine, and Nelly reluctantly arranged a private meeting. Edgar was angry to hear that his old rival returned, so Catherine contained some of her ecstasy for the sake of her husband. She invited Heathcliff inside, and Edgar did his best to appear civil when Heathcliff spoke to his wife as though she was his intimate. After the visit, Heathcliff returned to Wuthering Heights, where he'd been invited to stay by Mr. Earnshaw.

That night Catherine came to talk to Nelly. She complained that Edgar was acting sick and sullen, jealous of Heathcliff. He did not like to hear her praising the new and improved Heathcliff. He gained residence at the Heights because he agreed to pay a lot of money, and because Hindley is too drunk and crazy to care much who he associates with now. He moved to the Heights in the hopes of seeing Catherine often, and the next day she visited him, with Isabella as chaperone. Unfortunately for everyone, Isabella developed a crush on the dark stranger, an idea that repulsed her brother. Heathcliff did not care for Isabella at all. When Catherine realized that Isabella liked Heathcliff, she scolded her for liking such a terrible man. Isabella didn't listen, thinking Catherine jealous. Nelly affirmed Catherine's description of his character, telling her that he will unfairly gain the Earnshaw estate as crazy Hindley gambles it away.

The next day, Edgar was away and Heathcliff visited. He found Catherine and Isabella alone, and the scene was very uncomfortable. Catherine taunted Isabella, and Heathcliff learned for the first time that Isabella had feelings for him. When Isabella fled the room, Heathcliff asked if Isabella is the heir to the Linton fortune, but she is not. They talk no more of this, and Heathcliff's visits continued, to the dismay of Nelly and Edgar.

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