Part 4, Chapter 6: The Love-Master Notes from White Fang

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White Fang Part 4, Chapter 6: The Love-Master

A day after White Fang had bit Weedon Scott, he goes to see the dog again. He sits down on the ground, so that White Fang can see he is in no danger. He talks for a long time, and White Fang's growl seems to fall in rhythm with his speaking. After offering food, Scott tries to pet White Fang. This makes White Fang extremely uncomfortable.

"The hand descended. Nearer and nearer it came. It touched the ends of his upstanding hair. He shrank down under it. It followed down after him, pressing more closely against him. Shrinking, almost shivering. He still managed to hold himself together. It was a torment, this hand that touched him and violated his instinct. He could not forget in a day all the evil that had been wrought him at the hands of men." Part 4, Chapter 6, pg. 152

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Despite this, Scott is able to pet White Fang. Matt comes out of the cabin, and White Fang jumps back. Matt tells Scott that he is crazy, but Scott again goes over to White Fang and pets him. This is the end of a way of life for White Fang. He has never before experienced love. For Gray Beaver he had loyalty, but not love.

It is now that he begins to love Scott. He learns to leave the sled dogs alone, and even tolerates Matt. He begins to pull the sled, and it is different from Mit-sah's sled. It is a different formation, and the leader is not hated but rather is truly the leader. White Fang insists on being the leader, and after seeing him pull, Matt is convinced.

In spring, White Fang has a great crisis. His master disappears and does not return. The days pass, but Scott does not come back, and White Fang gets very sick. Finally, Matt brings him inside the cabin. Matt writes a letter to Scott, saying that he is afraid that White Fang is going to die. He does not eat, he won't work, and he has no spirit. Finally, Scott returns, entering the cabin and calling for White Fang. White Fang does not bound towards him, but walks quietly, and looks at him with immeasurable love. He begins to snuggle up to Scott.

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