Part 3, Chapter 2: The Bondage Notes from White Fang

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White Fang Part 3, Chapter 2: The Bondage

During the day, White Fang travels around the camp exploring. He comes to know the men as gods, and worthy of obedience.

"But it did not all happen in a day, this giving over of himself, body and soul, to the man-animals. He could not immediately forego his wild heritage and his memories of the Wild. There were days when he crept to the edge of the forest and stood and listened to something calling him far and away." Part 3, Chapter 2, pg. 78

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Most of all, White Fang hates Lip-lip, because Lip-lip is always torturing White Fang. However, this does not make White Fang cowardly, but rather mean and melancholy. Whenever he approaches the dogs, Lip-lip is upon him, and so White Fang is robbed of his childhood and becomes a loner.

In order to punish Lip-lip, White Fang sometimes lures him into range of Kiche's leash. White Fang is the best runner of the dogs, and Lip-lip chases him right to Kiche without knowing it. Kiche punishes Lip-lip soundly, rolling him over and ripping at him with her fangs. He is badly injured, and runs away, pursued by White Fang.

Gray Beaver finally decides that Kiche will no longer run away, and releases her. This allows White Fang to have protection against Lip-lip around camp. White Fang tries to get his mother to run back to the forest, but she will not go. She knows she must stay with the men. Soon they are separated, because Gray Beaver must give Kiche to another Indian, Three Eagles, to pay a debt. White Fang tries to follow her, to swim after her, but is stopped by Gray Beaver, who gives White Fang a heavy beating.

White Fang mourns for his mother, but cannot mourn too loudly, or else Gray Beaver beats him. Gray Beaver is his master. "It was during this period that he might have hearkened to the memories of the lair and the stream and run back to the Wild. But the memory of his mother held him....So he remained in his bondage waiting for her." Part 3, Chapter 2, pg. 83

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Life with Gray Beaver is not altogether unpleasant. Gray Beaver sometimes tosses him a piece of meat, and defends him against other dogs. However, Gray Beaver never pets or caresses White Fang.

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