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White Fang Objects/Places

Northlands: The title given to the lands north of the continental United States, including parts of Canada and Alaska.

Coffin: Henry and Bill carry the deceased Lord Albert in the wooden coffin on their way to Fort McGurry.

Pack of Wolves: Henry and Bill are pursued by the pack on their journey. The pack is led in part by the she-wolf, Kiche.

Fort McGurry: This fort is the destination of Henry and Bill on their journey south. They are bringing Lord Albert there so that he can be given a proper funeral.

Mackenzie River: When the wolf pack splits, Kiche leads her half down to this river. The river's bank is also the location of Gray Beaver's Indian tribe.

Indian Camp: Kiche and the wolves come upon the camp of the Indians, but leave quickly. Eventually, Kiche and White Fang go there to live.

Rabbit: One of the animals that Kiche and One Eye eat on their journey.

Cave: Kiche and One Eye dwell in the cave when she gives birth to her cubs.

Porcupine: Careful of the porcupine's quills, One Eye skillfully retrieves the meat of the porcupine when a lynx attacks it.

Ptarmigan: A small bird that One Eye captures to give to Kiche for food.

Mouth of the Cave: This is the only source of light in the cave, and White Fang knows that One Eye enters and leaves through it. However, he thinks it is solid like the rest of the cave.

Squirrel: One of the animals that White Fang meets when he first leaves the cave.

Woodpecker: One of the animals that White Fang meets when he first leaves the cave.

Moose-bird: A small bird that pecks White Fang when he first leaves the cave.

Nest of Ptarmigans: A nest of baby birds that White Fang falls into on his first day out of the cave. He attempts to eat one of the baby birds.

Mother-Ptarmigan: The mother of the nest of baby birds that White Fang falls into on his first day out of the cave. She attacks White Fang, and he runs away to hide in a bush.

Hawk: This predator bird attacks White Fang the day he leaves the cave for the first time. When it misses White Fang, it takes away the mother ptarmigan.

Young Weasel: White Fang finds this baby predator animal his first day out of the cave, and attacks it.

Mother-Weasel: This fierce predator attacks White Fang when he attacks her young.

Lynx Kitten: When she is desperate for food, Kiche brings this young predator cat for White Fang to eat. She steals it from its mother's cave.

Indians: Gray Beaver is a member of this group, and brings Kiche and White Fang to live with them.

Teepees: The tents which the Indians live in. The dogs are not allowed inside.

Great Slave Lake: A large body of water that White Fang and Grey Beaver pass on the way to the Yukon.

Whip: A large leather rope used to drive the dogs as well as punish them. It is used with both good and evil intent.

Yukon: An area in the Northlands.

Hudson's Bay Company: The trade company located in Fort Yukon.

Sour-doughs: Men living in Fort Yukon. They make their bread with sourdough because they have no baking powder.

Mastiff: A large dog with powerful jaws. Cherokee is a mastiff.

San Francisco: A city in California near to where Weedon Scott lives. The things he sees there amaze White Fang.

Sierra Vista: The Scott estate, where White Fang meets Collie and Dick.

San Jose: The town closest to Sierra Vista. White Fang sometimes goes there with Weedon Scott.

Club: A piece of wood always used as an instrument of punishment for dogs.

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