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White Fang Major Characters

Bill: One of the two men guiding the sled at the opening of the novel, Bill is shown to be very resourceful. He ties the dogs up every night as they are pursued by the pack of wolves, and manages to find new ways to keep the dogs from escaping. However, he also acts rashly, especially when he confronts the wolf pack with only three cartridges in his rifle.

Henry: One of the two men guiding the sled at the opening of the novel, Henry is a good companion to his friend Bill. Henry has an enormous amount of endurance. He manages to hold off the wolf pack for a long time by using fire to his advantage, and holding on to every bit of energy he has.

One Eye: White Fang's father, he is a seasoned veteran of the wolf pack. He manages to outsmart two other wolves for the she-wolf's attentions. He accompanies her on a long journey and courtship. He eventually becomes a father, and tries to provide for his children when there is no food.

She-wolf/Kiche: White Fang's mother, she is part wolf, part dog. She was raised in the Indian camp by Gray Beaver, and it was this upbringing which enabled her to outsmart Henry and Bill so often. She takes many risks raising of White Fang, especially when there is no food. She goes back to Gray Beaver, however, and brings White Fang with her.

Young wolf cub/White Fang: White Fang is the only remaining son of One Eye and Kiche, and is shaped by the many aspects of his upbringing. As an inquisitive youngster, White Fang discovers the world around him with the help of his mother. He grows hard under Lip-lip's mean treatment and cruel under Beauty Smith's abusive imprisonment. He is a menace until his final master, Weedon Scott, teaches him love.

Gray Beaver: Gray Beaver is a just master to White Fang, and always treats him fairly. There is no affection between White Fang and Gray Beaver, but there is a strong loyalty. Gray Beaver teaches White Fang with the club when needed, and encourages him with meat. However, he gives in to a whiskey addiction, and is forced to sell White Fang to Beauty Smith.

Lip-lip: A larger, older dog than White Fang, he tortures him during his time at the Indian Camp under Gray Beaver. He is mean and cruel, and forces White Fang to become a loner. He encourages the other dogs to attack White Fang in groups, and as a result White Fang becomes dangerous to the other Indian dogs.

Mit-sah: Son of Gray Beaver, he inherits his father's love of justice. White Fang pulls Mit-sah's sled as a young wolf, and Mit-sah quickly makes Lip-lip the enemy of the pack by placing him at the head of the sled. This takes away some of the danger for White Fang, although Lip-lip continues to rule the other dogs.

Beauty Smith: An evil man who is looked down upon by his fellow men, he treats White Fang cruelly. Taking White Fang from Gray Beaver as payment for whiskey, he makes a business out of dog fighting. He keeps White Fang imprisoned and tortured, just to keep him fierce for fighting. He treats both dogs and men horribly.

Newcomer/Weedon Scott: Weedon Scott saves White Fang from death in a fight, and introduces him to a whole new world. Scott is a kind, loving master. White Fang has never experienced this before. Scott's family is a testament to his goodness, and White Fang is soon integrated into that family.

Matt: Matt is Weedon Scott's business partner and traveling companion. He feeds White Fang and takes care of him judiciously, but never develops the relationship that Scott has with White Fang. He witnesses White Fang's sorrow when White Fang is away from Weedon Scott.

Collie: A sheep dog owned by the Scott family, she makes life miserable for White Fang when he comes to live with the family. At their first meeting, she manages to knock him off his feet, and from that day on torments him. Very slowly, though, a friendship and more grows between them.

Minor Characters

Man in coffin/Lord Albert: Lord Albert is the dead man Bill and Henry are carrying south for burial. His family must be very rich in order to afford to have the body transported.

Fatty: Fatty is the first sled dog to run away to the wolves. Bill and Henry both think very little of him, considering him a fool.

Frog: Frog is the second sled dog to run away to the wolves. Bill and Henry know he is very smart, and don't understand why he runs away.

Spanker: Spanker is the third sled dog to run away to the wolves. One Ear chews through Spanker's leather ties so he can escape.

Young leader: The young leader competes with One Eye for Kiche's attention, and One Eye kills him for it.

Young three-year-old wolf: The energetic young wolf killed by One Eye and the young leader because he wants to mate with Kiche.

Lynx: A very dangerous animal. Kiche and White Fang are nearly killed when they have to fight with it in their cave. The lynx attacks Kiche because she stole the lynx's kittens.

Brothers and Sisters: White Fang's brothers and sisters do not last very long in the wild, and die for lack of food.

Three Eagles: Gray Beaver sells White Fang's mother, Kiche, to Three Eagles in order to pay off a debt.

Kloo-kooch: Kloo-kooch is Gray Beaver's wife, and is often kind to White Fang, even though other tribe members dislike him.

Boy (chopping moose meat): White Fang bites the boy after he is cornered with a club. The boy is angry because White Fang ate some of the wasted meat, but White Fang knows that he should be allowed to eat it.

Baseek: An older dog in the Indian camp, he attempts to steal White Fang's meat. However, White Fang has grown, and fights for his meal.

Tim Keenan: The owner of Cherokee the bulldog, he is concerned only with making money in the dogfights. He worries about the health of his own dog, but doesn't care about anyone else.

Cherokee: A large bulldog, he is the only dog who is able to take down White Fang. He clamps down on White Fang's throat, and simply holds on. Only Weedon Scott's intervention saves White Fang's life.

Major: A dog on Scott's sled team, he tries to steal meat from White Fang. This is not smart, and he is quickly killed.

Scott's Mother: Scott's mother is nearly attacked by White Fang when she goes to hug her son. She never really trusts White Fang, and worries about him going mad. It is not until White Fang captures Jim Hall that she begins to trust him.

Dick: A deerhound that lives with the Scott family, Dick attacks White Fang on his first visit. However, he later tries to be friends with White Fang. White Fang will not allow this.

Judge Scott: Weedon Scott's father, Judge Scott, often does not trust White Fang. He thinks White Fang cannot be trained, although is proven wrong as Scott shows White Fang not to attack chickens. It is not until White Fang captures Jim Hall that the Judge trusts him.

Beth: Weedon Scott's sister, Beth, trusts White Fang and realizes that something is wrong when Weedon is hurt. She knows that White Fang is trying to tell them something.

Mary: Weedon Scott's sister.

Alice: Weedon Scott's wife.

Weedon Jr.: Weedon Scott's son.

Maude: Weedon Scott's daughter.

Jim Hall: An escaped convict, Jim Hall was not guilty of the crime he had been put in prison for. Judge Scott convicted him, not realizing there was a police cover up. Jim Hall wants revenge on Judge Scott, thinking he was part of the conspiracy. He breaks into the family home in order to get revenge.

One Ear: One of Bill and Henry's sled dogs, One Ear is surrounded by the pack of wolves when the sled tips over. Bill runs after him with the rifle, but neither of them survives.

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